Annecy Castle

Annecy Castle sits high atop the hill that overlooks the old city of Annecy. Threatened with destruction by real estate interests in the early 1950s, the castle fortunately was saved and has been undergoing restoration ever since. The buildings of the castle, from the original medieval castle keep to the XVth-century halls, are well worth a visit. But the museums within the castle's walls are more interesting still: There is a museum of folk art, which contains treasures from the past thousand years of Savoie history; an archeological museum, which displays artifacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Roman times, and Dark Ages. A museum of Ecology has interesting information about the delicate balance of life in Lake Annecy, as well as a lake-water aquarium to show off local species. Finally, the bottom level of the castle is used as a gallery for contemporary art.

The castle's great hall, with its magnificent caisson ceilings, is used as a recital hall throughout the year.

Every two years, the International Animated Film Festival is held in Annecy; the castle is used as the main location, for screenings and meetings. This festival is the largest of its kind and attracts animators from around the world.

The castle can be visited; hours will be posted shortly.

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