Hang Gliding at the Forclaz pass (Montmin) with Noël Veyrat

The Forclaz mountain pass, high above Lake Annecy, has been since the 70s one of the premier hang-gliding sites in Europe. The French National Hang-Gliding championships were staged here in 1995.

It is at the mountain pass that you will find one of hang-gliding's legendary pioneers, Noël Veyrat who, over the past twenty-some years, has taken passengers for rides on his hang-glider. On days when the weather and wind direction are suitable, Noël starts the flight from the ramp in front of the Hôtel Edelweiss; Noël flies with his passenger down to the lakeside, some 2000 feet lower. He has already taken over 15,000 people on tandem flights, and has never lost a single passenger!


The take-off; a 2000-foot drop!
3 seconds of sheer terror as you run down the ramp!


The wing catches the air; you feel yourself rising.
you feel light and free as a bird!


With a wing-mounted camera, Noël can provide you with pictures of your unforgettable flight!

To set up a flight,
contact Noël Veyrat by calling

or come to the terrace of
Hôtel Edelweiss to meet him!
( During the snow season, you can find Noël in Courchevel )

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