filature arpin The ARPIN woolen mill, located in the village of Séez, two kilometers outside of Bourg Saint Maurice, was founded in 1817 and continues to this day to produce wool cloths according to time-honored methods. While respecting traditional know-how, the Arpin woolen mill has adapted its production to the needs of the market. It is now, after nearly two centuries, truly part of Savoie's heritage.


jacquesFrom natural wool, sheared from local Alpine sheep living on the mountainsides, all the way to the 100% pure virgin wool cloth, result of the knowhow and skills of generations of craftsmen, an Arpin cloth is a work of the weaver's art, the sum total of traditions which have given us a product of beauty, of quality, and of outstanding durability, qualities which are hallmarks of the brand.

alain The wool of Savoie sheep, a living and ever-renewed resource, is reknowned for its outstanding qualities which come from a multitude of factors: the climate, the physical characteristics of sheep living in a healthful if bracing climate, the natural food of Alpine meadows. As a result, Arpin woolens are resistant to crushing, strong, soft and resilient; they are 100% virgin wool and weigh between 780 and 800 gr per square meter; they have received the quality grand luxe label and never wear out.

sandraStarting with the raw wool, the production of Arpin woolens takes place entirely within the walls of the mill: selection of wools, cleaning, washing, dyeing, spinning, and weaving, all of these steps are continously and carefully controled for quality by master spinners and weavers. Every detail and step is important, as quality is for the Arpin Woolen Mill the primary concern. It should be obvious that an Arpin woolen cannot depend only on visual appeal; its reputation depends on traditional craftsmanship, which give it beauty as well as quality.



The company store offers a broad selection of high-quality products

The mill is located at Séez St Bernard, on the Tignes road
as one leaves Bourg Saint Maurice.

Filature ARPIN

tél: 04 79 07 28 79
fax: 04 79 07 02 10

The company store is open every day (except Sundays and national holidays) from 9am to noon, and 2pm to 7pm.

Visitors are welcome in the mill.

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