Savoy Pottery Museum
Savoy Folk Pottery Workshop

The Savoy Pottery Museum

Founded in 1981 by Jean-Christophe Hermann, the Musée de la Poterie contains a collection of some two thousand pieces, under the enormous roof of an 1842 farmhouse. The museum holds glass cases which display all types of pottery used in Savoie from the Twelfth Century to the 1930s. Complete series of types are on display and are used as reference in typological studies; the museum also shelters hundreds of potters' tools and molds from the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. This is the largest and most comprehensive collection of Savoie pottery in the world. Jean-Christophe Hermann, an expert in the field, directs the museum and curates the collections. He is frequently called upon to lecture on the history and art of pottery and has made significant contributions to the field. Mentionned in magazines as diverse as Elle, Alpes Magazine, Art et Décoration or the respected Smithsonian, the Musée de la Poterie has become a "must-see" attraction for connoisseurs of pottery and of folk arts.

Guided visits may be scheduled between Easter and All Saints' Day.
All visits are by appointment only.
Admission is 4 Euros per person
Groups (10+) 3 Euros per person
Children 12 and under, free.

The Pottery Workshop

Tradition lives on in the creation of Savoie pottery. The modern potter is inspired by the shapes, designs and colors of the past. The glazed earth, while respecting the canons of tradition, expresses the personal touch of the potter. The entire production is fired in a wood-burning kiln of five cubic meters' capacity. Specialties of the workshop include wedding plates and tureens, as well as spoon-holders. It is possible, upon request, to visit the workshop along with the museum. The museum shop offers the visitor a large choice of Hermann potteries, from simple eggcups, pitchers, and bowls to elaborate collectors' pieces such as spoonholders, wedding tureens and plates.

Traditional wedding plates, some eighteen inches in diameter, can be ordered in any of several traditional designs and colors; many items can be personalized, as is traditional. All pieces produced by Jean-Christophe Hermann bear his stamp as guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.


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To visit the museum (by appointment only)
or to order personalized pottery, please contact

Jean-Christophe Hermann
Poterie de la Côte
74570 Evires
(Tel: (0) 450.620.190)

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