Guided Tours of
Savoie's Cultural Heritage

The Association of Savoie Heritage Guides (L'Association des Guides du Patrimoine des Pays de Savoie) is glad to accompany you in the discovery of our region, of its urban and architectural heritage, heritage of great variety and exceptional originality.

Our guides wear our Association's pin and have all received documents certifying their competence and know-how; this is a guarantee of an interesting and agreeable visit. All are volunteers, and have received thorough training in both the history of Savoie and History of Art.

Through the use of appropriate commentary, our guides will satisfy your interests; they will be of precious help in explaining to you the history of the two French départements which now encompass the old country of Savoie; they will also help you to decipher the landscapes and better to appreciate the customs and folkways of our region.

Our association is eager to improve and expand the scope of its services throughout the 77 participating communities, and remains ready to receive any remark, suggestion or request that you may wish to make.

Have a pleasant stay in Savoie!

Association des Guides
du Patrimoine des Pays de Savoie
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