Some Favorite Links

Here is a list of some of my favorite bookmarks/hot links around the Web. Some are the pages of friends, while others, like the Hubble site, are posted by educational institutions. If you feel your home page belongs on this list, please drop me a message. This web page will be frequently updated.

Douglas Hiwiller's home page

A friend's homepage and links; nicely done, and cross-linked with my own web pages!

Paul Fulbrook's home page

P.C. Paul Fulbrook's pages. Paul lives in Worcester, England, and takes wonderful pictures of his canie trips down the river Severn. He has also composed some very nice pages about his local church and favorite pubs!

Ronald Fields' web page

When my brother traveled to the Holy Land with his church back in 1997, he sent me images and text every evening; I created web pages daily for the family and friends of the travelers. My brother found it a good exercise to have to write down his experiences daily, though a broken video camera made the digital picture-taking difficult. I did what I could with PhotoShop to mend the distortions that resulted from a rock tumbling down the Saqqara pyramid and scratching the lens of his camcorder! The entire account of the trip is posted here.


For cat, dirigible, and thylacine enthusiasts: a very eclectic series of pages with interesting and somewhat odd links.

CosmoFrog's Virtual Pond

A nicely executed set of bilingual pages covering many different areas of personal interest.

Link to bignosebird.comBig Nose Bird

A really helpful site for those who want to add sophisticated features to their websites. BNB offers pages and pages of extremely clear instructions and scads of shareware and freeware for burgeonning HTML authors. Highly recommended!

Nicholas Pioch's WebMuseum

An unfunded and unofficial effort by one individual to make culture available for free, Nicholas Pioch's WebMuseum shows the marvelous educational potential of the Web. All people who love the arts must visit --and contribute to-- the WebMuseum.

Hubble Space Telescope

Some of the most awe-inspiring pictures ever taken of the universe. Don't miss this one, though downloads can take an exasperatingly long time.

UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Here is one of the Web's best tours. In three parts.

Real Audio

Download your free Real Audio driver to listen to audio over the web in real time! (Your computer must have a sound card for Real Audio to work).

Radio France

Listen to two French newscasts a day using your Real Audio driver.

WKSU Radio - National Public Radio

Listen to WKSU (Kent State University, Ohio) to listen to NPR broadcasts and local Ohio news, using Real Audio.


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