Regionalist Movements
of Savoie

Le Mouvement Région Savoie

The Mouvement Région Savoie (MRS) is a regionalist movement founded in 1971 to promote the legal creation of an administrative region of Savoie comprised of the two French départements of Savoie and Haute Savoie.

The MRS was taken over by sympathisers of the separatist Ligue Savoisienne in May 1999. Thus, a movement whose avowed aim is the creation of a French region of Savoie is now allied with a separatist party. An impartial observer will not fail to note the incompatibility of the avowed positions of the two groups.

La région Savoie, j’y crois !

A new association, whose name translates roughly as "I believe in a Savoie region !" was founded in early 1999 to promote new initiatives in the creation of a French administrative region of Savoie, encompassing both French départements (states) of Savoie and Haute Savoie, which are currently within the large Rhône-Alpes administrative region. Personalities of all political affiliations, right and left, have joined forces in the organization to promote this idea. All texts are in French only.

La Ligue Savoisienne


The Savoisian League maintains that the 1860 annexation treaty of Savoie by France is null and void. Savoie, which is among the oldest nations of Europe, was annexed over one hundred years ago on the bases of a treaty whose clauses were not respected by France. The League proposes, within the framework of French and international laws, to plead its case in international tribunals in order to empower the Savoisiens whose rights have allegedly not been respected.

Since it declared Savoie's independence from France in early 1996, the League has engaged in minor legal squabbles with French and Swiss authorities; the most notable incidents involve the League's founder's obscene gesturing to border guards, and the issuing of unauthorized automobile license plates, in a style halfway between French and Swiss automobile plates. These plates, though they bear the same number as the French licence plate, do not conform to the strict letter of the law (letter size, plate color and such), which has compelled French police authorities to issue summons, and thus given Ligue members the opportunity to be heard in court. The League has grown to over 2000 members in a few years' time and has taken over its old rival, the regionalist MRS. Most texts are in French, a few in Italian.

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