Legendary musical group of the Alpine region, La Kinkerne was founded in 1974 by Jean-Marc JACQUIER (musician, bohemian, researcher, collector of folk songs, music, legends, and traditions of the old Duchy of Savoy). Jean-Marc is also the co-founder of the MUSIK'ALPES festival in the French city of Faverges.

La Kinkerne perpetuates tradition through a musical message, through a simple and earnest lifestyle that is the hallmark of the people of the Alp (the mountain grazing meadow).

Current members of the group:

  • Jean-Marc JACQUIER ( voice, Alphorn, champourgne, hurdy-gurdy, accordeon ). He lives in a chaotic house in Ville-la-Grand (Faucigny) and was joined in the group in 1976 by
  • Christian ABRIEL (voice, tin whistles, fiddle, Alpine percussion, ocarina); originally from Geneva, and a noted specialist of the Savoyard «violny» (fiddler) style, Christian lives in Hirmentaz (Chablais). In 1990 the group was joined by
  • Robert AMYOT (voice, bagpipes, clarinettes, alpine percussion), who now lives in the high mountain country of Brizon (Faucigny) where he is surrounded by the snows, fir trees and down home values that recall his native Quebec. Finally, the most recent member of the group, who joined countless bottles ago, is
  • Claudius « Manpower Bassgeige » PERRIN (bass, fendant), a typical Valaisan from the Val d’Illiers (Valais)


La KINKERNE has the privilege of maintaining the social role of the village minstrels of old by performing

  • at calendar holidays (Mardi Gras, Easter Egg hunts, Easter, St. John's Feast, church fairs and various Alpine festivals)
  • at important events in life (baptisms, anniversaries and birthdays, weddings and, regretfully, at wakes and burials)
  • also for commercial or touristic events (fairs, seminaries, conferences, vacation resorts) as well as
  • in schools and retirement homes...

from Julien's humble carnotzet ( basement club ) in Ville-la-Grand, to the grandiose Mozartsaal-Wiener Konzerthaus in Vienna ( Austria ) , with countless festivals or maisons de la culture in between.

From Ireland to Yugoslavia via Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and sometimes even France, the folk musics of the different valleys of Switzerland, Savoy, Val d'Aosta and Piedmont ring out once again in all their authentic beauty thanks to La KINKERNE.

El Me Galucio
SAVOIE (1991)
One-minute excerpt in MP3 format - 1053KB
Note de Flé
Music Alpina (1995)
One-minute excerpt in MP3 format - 920K
Valse La Charmeuse
Compagnons Savoyards (1996)
One-minute excerpt in MP3 format - 1025K
Christian Abriel sings"El Me Galucio" in Faverges. (not available)  

Jean-Marc Jacquier plays his hurdy-gurdy, summer 2011
(Viewable in High Definition)

Contact La Kinkerne :

Jean-Marc Jacquier
13, rue Roger-Salengro
74100 Ville-la-Grand (France)



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