of Haute Savoie

The images below page were made using sophisticated panoramic equipment.
Please note the accuracy of the images: the boards and cables line up perfectly,
there are no flaws, no mismatches in the images. The panoramic generator Pixaround was used to produce the stitched image and to generate much
of the code used on this page.

Le Pont Charles-Albert (Pont de la Caille) (1839)

This suspended bridge, 192 meters (624 feet) in length, hangs some 147 meters (475 feet) above the riverbed of "les Usses". It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in service, though the concrete arch bridge that now runs alongside carries all vehicular traffic since 1939. Bungee-jumping was popular from the suspension bridge but was banned when too many drivers on the other bridge, fascinated by the spectacle, failed to heed the road and suffered head-on collisions. The bridges are located between Annecy and Geneva, just outside the town of Alonzier-la-Caille, Haute Savoie (France) - Photo Robert Jeantet, All rights reserved.

Le Pont de l'Abime

Much smaller and almost fifty years more recent than the Caille bridge, the Abime bridge was built under the direction of the engineer
Ferdinand Arnodin in the year 1887. It links the communities of Cusy and Gruffy, Haute Savoie (France) Photo Robert Jeantet, All rights reserved
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