The archeological museum is located in the hamlet of Viuz, just outside the town of Faverges (Haute Savoie) halfway between Annecy and Albertville. The modern hamlet of Viuz, whose name derives from the Latin name Vicus, is built within the perimeter of the Roman town of Casuaria, which lies under parts of both modern-day Viuz and Faverges. To uncover the Gallo-Roman past of the community, several digs have been conducted in the past few years, including the continuing project at Le Thovey. Some of the numerous Gallo-Roman artifacts excavated since the early 1980s have been placed on display in the museum. It is operated by Les Amis de Viuz-Faverges (AVF), a non-profit group that conducts archeological digs in the Faverges area and organizes cultural and folk activities. Volunteers provide thousands of hours of service yearly to preserve the history of Faverges and of the Savoie region.

The gallo-roman (3rd c. CE) cauldron found at Le Thovey
is on display at the Musée de Viuz

The old Roman Turin-Geneva road ran past the present-day museum, at the foot of the Roche de Viuz mountain. When French highway planners decided to build a highway bypass over the path of the old Roman road in the late 1980s, a rapid salvage dig was conducted before the area was to be paved over. A row of small devotional shrines and temples was found just 100 meters behind the museum; numerous devotional objects (ex-votos), statuettes and coins were found before the temples were reburied to become the foundation of the modern highway. These artifacts are currently being studied, and some are on display in the museum.

Temple walls seen here, over 2 meters high, now lie buried along the new "rocade" (high-speed bypass) just east of Viuz. In this temple and nearby shrines were found numerous ex-votos, including a terra-cotta head of an unidentified deity and a small bronze dog (or wolf or fox) whose purpose is not yet understood

The Museum's collection was displayed in the Palazzo Guasco of Alessandria (Italy) in December 1996 and January 1997, as the focus of an exhibition whose title was "Casuaria: A Gallo-Roman village in Savoie." The collection is once again on display in Faverges.

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Open Monday to Friday 14h30-18h30
Saturday and Sunday 16h30-18h30
(From July 1 through August 31)
Admission: adult 14F, child 7F
Out of season please call (0) 450.324.599
late afternoons to set up an appointment



Visit of the Museum, Romanesque Viuz church,
and of the Gallo-Roman villa of Le Thovey
Meet at 14h30 in front of the Museum
Admission: adult 20F, child 15F

Visits are led by certified Patrimoine des Pays de Savoie guides


Faverges et son canton (in French)
Société des Amis de Viuz-Faverges

Visit Faverges and its surrounding county throught the pages of this 32-page booklet. It is lavishly illustrated with both color and black & white photographs. It is divided in sections dealing specifically with the towns and villages of Faverges, Viuz, Chevaline, Doussard, Marlens, Giez, Lathuille, Montmin, Cons Sainte-Colombe, Saint Férréol, Seythenex and the Roman digs at le Thovey.


Au Pays de Faverges (in French)
Editions Alan Sutton

Les Amis de Viuz- Faverges, under the direction of Michel Duret, have culled through attics and basements, leafed through family archives, dug up long-forgotten photographs to assemble for us a fascinating illustrated visit into the past of the people of Faverges and the surrounding county. The reader will be amused, moved or puzzled by these photographs which bear witness to the social, economic and cultural changes that have transformed the daily lives of the local people in the first half of the XXth Century.

over 200 photographs, captioned and explained
- on sale at the Musée de Viuz -

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