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RJ in 2006Hello....My name is Robert Fields Jeantet; I live alternately in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (USA) and in a
small farmhouse in Montmin, Haute Savoie (France). The internet allows me to keep in touch electronically from either place. I teach French at The University of Akron and direct a summer program in the Alpine town of Faverges, Haute Savoie (France). My Savoie-born barn cat Beanie accompanies me in my travels and keeps my two homes rodent-free. (That's Beanie in the picture at left, gazing out the window of a Swissair MD-11 at 40,000 feet, during his ninth Atlantic crossing; he always wants to look out the window, though I can't imagine what he understands of what he's
seeing from 35,000 feet).

RJ in Switzerland; I actually accompanied the cows to the meadows, though cowherd does not appear on my CVBorn in the USA, I was raised in France, Switzerland, and the US, living in early childhood in Dijon (France) in the mid-fifties, and Providence, RI, from 1957 to 1963. My family then moved to Westbury, LI, NY, where I was graduated from Westbury High School in 1967. I went to Queens College of CUNY and studied also for two years at the Faculté de Lettres of Nancy (France). I started taking a lot of photographs in college and chronicled some interesting people and moments in the sixties and seventies ...

After a long and tortuous career path which took me to teaching positions at Hofstra University, Carleton College, and Tufts University, I have found a stable position with the Dept of Modern Languages of The University of Akron.

I realized a life-long dream in 1994 when I finally had the opportunity to be a contestant (and winner) on the game show Jeopardy! (The photo at left is taken from the video of my first appearance on the show.) I recently published a college grammar book for students of French language and culture. Co-authored with Dr. Phyllis Golding of Queens College, C'est ça! sold well for some years.

Since my eight-year marriage ended in April 1994, I have kept busy with a number of pursuits; I completed my grammar book, started programming in hypertext language, and am now designing web sites, sometimes professionally, sometimes pro bono. My newest book project, a history of French civilization, is now underway. I would also like to start a database of the JEANTET family in the world. It is not such a large family, and I believe that it would be interesting to gather, at least on the web, all of these people together so that we might share our collective memories and research, to find out where we all came from... For most of my life I have been a photographer, and I am now using my pictures to illustrate my books (and web pages). New computer imaging techniques offer wonderful possibilities and are now the focus of my attention. You may see some examples of my image work in the "Images" page linked here.


B.A. French, Queens College of CUNY, 1971
Licence-ès-Lettres, Faculté de Nancy, France, 1972
M.A. French, Queens College of CUNY, 1972
Phi Beta Kappa, 1972
Ph.D. French, CUNY Graduate Center, 1976


Graduate Assistant, Queens College, 1972-1975
Ass't Prof., Hofstra University, 1975-1977
Ass't Prof., Carleton College, 1977-1980
Ass't Prof., Tufts University, 1980-1984
Assoc. Prof., The University of Akron, 1984-present

Summer programs:

Hofstra in Nice, 1976
Carleton in Pau, 1979
Tufts in Talloires, 1981-1984
Akron in Faverges, 1987-present



A Few Modern Images by Robert Jeantet

Annecy castle;
taken with rangefinder 645
on Fujicolor 100 print film

Sunset on Lake Annecy;
35mm on Ektachrome 100
autoexposure camera

A French (Savoie) barn cat. macro setting
digital camera

Old City, Annecy. Another shot of one the most photogenic cities in the world; 200mm lens on Fujicolor 100 film

La Pierre aux Fées (Fairy Stone quoit). Near Geneva stands Savoie's best-preserved dolmen, perhaps 4,800 years old. 28mm lens on Fujicolor 100

Comet Hale-Bopp. This unusual view was taken April 02, 1997. It shows an ephemeral fragment ejected from the comet. 55mm lens on 400 ASA film
   Digital Effects

A different kind of picture: a portrait of an archeologist whose profile and name have been inserted into a Roman 3rd-century coin. Digital effects were produced using image sections of three coins, one profile, combined on a PC
using photo manipulation software.

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